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ACC Roundup

People are talking like UNC beating State is a big surprise, a major upset,
but come on. It's not, not really. Maybe if you factor in Jackie Manuel's
absence it is, but then you have to factor in Scooter Sherrill's absence in the
second half, after he twisted his ankle.

Conf. Overall
Duke 12-2 24-3
NC State 10-4 18-7
Wake Forest 9-5 19-6
Georgia Tech 7-7 20-8
North Carolina 7-7 17-8
Florida State 6-9 18-11
Virginia 5-9 15-10
Maryland 5-9 14-11
Clemson 3-12 10-16

The reality is that these teams, like Duke vs. UNC and Duke vs. State, are
going to go at it full force every time out. The intensity level is always
extremely high, and it's only an upset if one team is having a disastrous year.
And even then, not really.