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The Sins of the Father

Nathan Carleton, in a column in the Chronicle, calls for the Cameron Crazies to bring flour-filled plastic baggies and chant "DAR-RYL" at DJ Strawberry of Maryland. We sincerely hope the Crazies do not take him up on that advice.

It is true that the Cameron Crazies have received a deserved reputation for getting into the heads of our opponents, and it has helped us win games in the past. Certainly, Maryland should be a target. Where we differ is the method and means of this intimidation.

Darryl Strawberry has made numerous mistakes in his life, including drug addiction, assault, spousal abuse and the like. As a New York Met, and later a Los Angeles Dodger, he was the target of abuse wherever he went. If Darryl Strawberry were playing for the Maryland Terrapins, we would have no issues with the approach Nathan has suggested. He doesn't, it is his son.

As such, DJ deserves to start with a clean slate. Instead of digging up old dirt on his father, find something about DJ, or his teammates, and use it. Doing so will take some cleverness, some effort, and some originality, but we think you are up to that task.