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Crazies Stink It Up, Worse Than Deandome Geezers

Despite having not just the #1 team in the country, but a team which is showing huge character and starting to earn comparisons to great Duke teams of the past, the Crazies did not exactly pack the stands, and were not exactly a dynamic presence. On the one hand, it's good that no one has to worry about crowd behavior; on the other, the level of apathy is terribly disappointing.

Look, no one can make you go to the games, and no one can force you to make noise when you are there, but what they can do is to start to take away the seats you aren't using. Last year we recommended that seats not used for (say) the Clemson game get assigned to grad students instead of undergrads for the next game. But here's a twist: why not just go ahead and auction them off to Fatcats? If the Crazies aren't going to use them, and aren't going to make noise, might as well. At least the University could see some decent cash come in, and given the dull performance of the Crazies, it wouldn't make much difference anyway.

Hey, it's not just us. Coach K said after the game that Tech had a much better crowd and - get your airbag ready - so did the Deandome.

You guys have fallen behind the whine-and-cheesers? Come on! You get free tickets to the best show in the country. Use 'em!