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ACC Roundup

You'd be lying if you didn't admit that UNC's last two games
have been damned impressive. Obviously, they lost to Duke, but they played
a very tough game, and they played a really good game at Wake, considering how
closely both were played (not to mention the overtime, late-night ending and
emotional nature of the Duke loss).

When their season could have easily headed south and was in
fact on bubbleland, if they manage to beat Tech in Atlanta in their next game,
they'll be back in contention and playing with enormous momentum and
confidence. That makes a world of difference.

Speaking of confidence, State's is soaring: after beating UVa
at UVa for the first time in forever, the Pack is firmly in second place.
They have a funky offense, great defense, experience, and a guy in Julius Hodge
who can stir the drink. Add Sherrill and Melvin for solid offense and
experience, then Evtimov and Atsur who are both really solid, savvy players, and
you have the makings of a team which could get really hot, if they're lucky, at
the right time. It's way too early to suggest this, and we're not going to
in February, and maybe not ever, but if Duke didn't win it all, wouldn't it be
cool to see State sneak off with it?

As for Wake Forest, they are not in danger yet, but they are
sliding towards it. Injuries have taken a real toll, but you almost never
hear Prosser bring it up. On top of that, it's a young bunch.
They'll have to work hard to set things straight, but they are definitely

And at this point, the less said about Virginia, the better. It's sad
to see the program fall so far when, for a time, it looked like things
were going so well. Someday someone should write a book about what happened

In a non-conference tilt, Georgia Tech took out Buzz Peterson's Tennessee
team, 77-62.

Duke plays Clemson at Duke on Sunday, as you likely know, and Maryland hosts
FSU in a potential grudge match, after FSU knocked them off early. They're very
different teams now, and Maryland probably would like to be different in the way
FSU is, rather than the way they are currently.