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Next Up - Clemson

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So after the big game this weekend. Duke gets Clemson at home. Time
was, that game was a laugher, and Clemson was just roasted, but that probably
won't happen much more with Oliver Purnell in charge. Clemson isn't
winning a lot - yet - but still, this is not the old Clemson.

Purnell won't get a lot of points for honors at the end of the year, but
those who know basketball know he has improved his team immensely and laid the
groundwork for a very fine program. Clemson has historically been plagued by bad
fundamentals and poor decisions, traits which cost them mightily. Clemson
has been by far the least basketball-inclined of all the ACC schools, and it

This is still a team with flaws, but they have really immense guts.
It's not going to be easy to run away from this team. Not anymore.