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Huggins Complains

Maryland's now-infamous JJ Redick taunt and the profane
T-shirts appear to have set off a national debate about fan behavior and
profanity at public events. Latest complainer: ludicrously, Bob

Huggins is widely known for having a major-league potty mouth,
certainly as bad as Maryland's Gary Williams, according to this weekend's
USAToday. Apparently he didn't approve of behavior at the Cincinnati-Xavier
game, though we' re not sure which game he was referring to.

His comments should probably be dismissed. Aside from
his own incredible gift for profanity, which is particularly audible during
early NCAA contests, when fans aren't always engaged, Huggins might have another
motive for threatening to cancel the classic series with the Musketeers: they
keep upsetting the Bearcats.