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FITS Hits The Dean Dome!

FITS never misses a Duke-UNC game in the Tacky Dome, and last night was no exception.
Your winged wizard of wisdom is always eager to see what the Dean Drones will have
up their collective gaudy sleeve, and he certainly wasn't disappointed by the latest
display, hapless as it may have been.

Though the FITster isn't sure, it would appear that the Tarheel Psych Department
was conducting some weird sort of Group Think experiment, as each and every Tarheel
fan was outfitted in an identical, hideous, finger-down-your-throat blue T-shirt.
All of which gave the the slack-jawed locals the appearance of a great horde of
mutant Cub Scouts, twenty thousand strong.

Regrettably, the locals failed to win their Lion and Wolf badges last night, despite
the heroic efforts of Sean May, who chased every rebound like it was the last Krispy
Kreme within a six mile radius.

p.s. FITS complimentary advice to Roy Williams: you'll have to flap your arms a
whole lot faster if you want to achieve liftoff. Stop by sometime and I'll show