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Reply to Katie Fullington

This was sent by one of our readers:

As UNC learned from Wake Forest in overtimes-three,
They learned at home, again in OT, from Mike Krzyzewski
That Duke, perennial #1, always has a chance
At taking on any player wearing powder-blue...even Rashad McCants
And Noel and Scott and Manuel and May...

Yes, Shelden waved his hands in the air and he waved them like he just didn't care,
Blocking shot after shot, defeating "greatest-NCAA-team-ever" Williams and Ol' Roy Williams with ever-graying hair.
With Jawad on the court and Roy coaching him on,
Carolina lost to both J.J. and "final-shot-of-the-game" Duhon.
Yes, you're Tar Heel born and you're Tar Heel bred,
And at 3-5 in the ACC, you're mid-season close to ACC dead.
Sure, you've done it before, and may someday do it again
But for now the pale-blue palace is silent to a man.
So, go ahead, blame it on the refs as poor losers often do.
Look, you got your wish...Coach K did go home, same as 13 of the last 15 games versus UNC...winner in dark blue.