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ACC Roundup

Okay, it's time to face up to it: in spite of a meticulously
structured schedule with enough mediocre opponents to guarantee wins but not risk losses, State has emerged as a real
factor. The Pack had a
huge comeback against Wake Forest
and so are now sitting pretty in second
place in the league. At 6-2 and in second place in the ACC, to use Jim
Valvano's theory, the Pack only needs to win 2 more games to guarantee a
tournament spot. They'll win a few more than that. They're in. The
Herb Haters should take a breather. He's earned it.

Wake is probably in,
but their season could easily slide south if they're not careful. They're
4-4 and losing a lot here lately.

Maryland went a long way towards
saving their season by
beating Virginia
. The 'Hoos fall to a tie for last place with Clemson, and
are now looking at an NIT bid and possibly a new coach. The Terps have
moved up to 3-5 and can still play their way off the bubble. Pete Gillen
is still tinkering
with his lineup
, and things are marginally better, but is it too late?