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Time For A New Streak

The women finally lost an ACC game tonight; oddly, it was against Florida
State on the road. They had lost 4 in a row, but had come close to
beating UNC.

The weird thing is that FSU scored 80 points, the most Duke has given up
all year, and shot nearly 60%. One clue as to why: Iciss Tillis was held
out of the game with a concussion. For all the abuse she takes, a game
like this shows how valuable she is on defense. FSU's army of post
players overwhelmed Duke inside. It didn't help that the normally
unflappable Monique Currie had 9 (!) turnovers.

FSU at least is a top 80 team in the RPI and has played a good schedule,
so it won't hurt Duke's RPI that much. All of Duke's goals remain intact,
but they need to bounce back in a hurry. Next game is Saturday.