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Terp Fan Rebutted

We get letters! This one from a Duke alumnus who also attended Maryland:

I am a 1994 graduate of Duke University and a 1997 graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law. With the exception of my four years at Duke, I have spent my whole life in Maryland. I grew up and continue to be a Duke fan first and foremost, although I must admit that I have, over the years, cheered for the Terps when they are playing other teams besides Duke. Of course, this has become much harder to do in recent years given the level of animosity that Maryland fans have shown toward Duke.

With regard to the letter you posted from a Terp fan, the letter is consistent with the general argument that Maryland fans and, indeed, their athletic director have been repeating over the last several years. The argument seems to be that incidences of fan violence and rude behavior are exaggerated at Maryland and besides, Maryland is not the only school that has this problem. In other words, the real victims here are not those who are hit by water bottles, ice, or coins or beratted with obscenities by the Maryland fans, no, the real victims are the Terps and their fans who are being unfairly singled out. This is not only irresponsible but it is complete nonsense.

As someone who has attended Maryland football and basketball games, and has had the audacity on ocassions to wear my Duke sweatshirt, I can tell you that the behavior is not exaggerated. Just walking from the parking lot into the stadium, I have had Terps fans scream obscenities at me, with "F--k Duke," being the obscenity of choice and with the middle finger being a close second. It's amazing to me why complete strangers would feel the need to scream such things at other complete strangers simply because I cheer for another team. Afterall, I spent four years at Duke and spent considerable time on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, as well as in Raleigh, and never had the experiences that I have had in College Park.

So the Terp fan will have to excuse me if I'm tired of hearing the same old excuses about Maryland's behavior. Maryland fans cannot excuse their bad behavior with other examples of bad behavior. Of course, not all Terp fans feel this way and many fans that I have spoken to are fed up with the nonsense that goes on at Maryland games. They are embarassed by the image that is being presented of their school by a few bad apples. Not the least of which is my wife, a double Terp.