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ACC Roundup

We've been telling you guys for awhile that Florida State is rising - and now
it's obvious - but Hamilton just keeps on recruiting. Latest
news is here.
here too.
The 'Noles and the Yellowjackets go at it Tuesday night, in
that funky, dank place they call a homecourt down in Tallahassee. Should
be a great game.

Now that Virginia Tech, Miami, and B.C. have crashed the party, the question
is how quickly they can get up to speed basketball wise. Miami may never
develop a real basketball passion. B.C. is passable, though remote.
Virginia Tech, though, could develop a pretty good thing if they're lucky and

Seth Greenberg is a guy who, had they fired their coach after they joined the
ACC, might not have gotten this job. But he has it, and
he has a huge chance to do something at Tech.
They've struggled for
almost 20 years, but with the ACC on line, and the added benefits that provides
in recruiting and exposure, Tech should be able to do something finally.
We followed him casually at South Florida, and if you can do it there, you can
do it in Blacksburg.

Maryland fans had
some interesting reactions
to Gary's pleas to stop cursing. Laura
Vecsey of the Sun makes
the connection between the NFL's nipple issue and College Park.
Ray Glier of MSNBC takes it one step further and says that the
Duke Effect (everyone trying to recreate Cameron by moving students close to the
court) needs to be rethought.
Well, maybe in other gyms. We've
done it our way forever and it won't change.