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The Wit 'n Wisdom Of Ol' Roy WIlliams

>After we commented on Ol' Roy Williams referring to Rashad
McCants as "the boy" the other day, we've gotten a steady amount of
mail from UNC readers objecting to it. But nothing wrong with quoting
people. Here's some more of the Wit & Wisdom of Ol' Roy Williams. If
you see any other quotes which belong here, please send them on!

  • "(McCants) is probably the most discussed player I've ever coached, but fellas, he's coming. He's gotten better and better and better. It doesn't mean he hasn't given me a lot of these gray hairs, cause he's responsible for a lot of them. But the boy's coming and getting better and better and trying to do the things we want him to do."
  • "I don't give a shit about North Carolina."
  • He doesn't play for me. He's not under my watch (on the
    arrest of UNC recruit JamesOn Curry)
  • "I told the team that we all could point to one or two
    key plays that you could have made that you didn't make."
  • "Great things have happened in the world. We got
    Saddam. I'd like to find one of those dad-gum holes that he was living in
    and go there for a little while, myself."
  • "We've lost 36 games the last two years. We only added
    one freshman ... and he was second-team all-state. The fans need to
    understand that ol' Roy ain't that good. They think some miracles are going
    to happen."
  • "We handled it like a bunch of third graders."
    about ACC expansion
  • "This place should never be described as a
    wine-and-cheese crowd, and that's what it sounded like out there tonight. If
    you don't want to cheer for us, keep your big (backsides) at home."
    About the Kansas crowd.