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More On Senior Night

Here are a few links for the senior night festivities: goduke has a nice
article on Alana. The Herald-Sun has their own feature on the seniors. The
Chronicle talks about Clemson and the game itself, while
Devil's Den
focuses on Vicki Krapohl.

I just got a late anecdote about the seniors, and it's a good one:

my two daughters are both ball girls for the women's team; my oldest has
been with the team for 4 years, "sort of like Alana, Iciss and Vicki",
she says!

through all the years, my girls have been so impressed by the spirit, energy,
enthusiasm, classiness, sportsmanship and flat-out love of the game that
the Duke players have always shown. Win or lose (that has not happened vey
often!), these women are always gracious, proud and quick to give credit
to their terrific opponents. The same can not always be said for the teams
that play Duke.

Some favorite memories in my house include: the BIG red lipstick kiss
that Iciss used to wear on her cheek, indicating that her mom was in
town!; when Alana walked over to stand next to her parents during her
jersey-retiring ceremony, and being so proud to share that moment with
them!; the fact that Vickie's career high scoring game came
against UNC at THE DEAN DOME (how many men can say that!!!);

This has also been a group of young women that have never failed to
acknowledge and thank their fans -- especially the young girls in the
stands who dream one day of being Vicki or Alana (that is certainly true
in my house!)

one day several weeks ago, Vicki attended a high school girls' basketball
game at my school (in the Durham area); she was NOT scouting or
recruiting; she knows one of the girls on our team (actually she knows her
family!) Any way, i happened to be sitting in the stands with my two
daughters cheering on my students. A parent tapped me on the shoulder and
introduced me to Vicki. I, in turn, introduced my two daughters. My
youngest daughter, who absolutely idolizes Vicki and is her BIGGEST fan,
was star-struck. Vicki leaned over to her and said, "I recognize you. You
are one of our ball girls. And I have seen you cheering us on in the
stands. Do you play basketball?" My daughter was tongue-tied, but so
excited! That story says it all --