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FITS Visits Hooville!

Once again it seems an appropriate time for a tip of the FITS fedora for Tarheel mentor Roy Williams. As the Sultan of Smarm watched his team unravel over the final seven minutes of last night's game against Virginia, he had to be wondering what was disappearing faster: his team's nine point lead, or JamesOn Curry's career at

So when the lowly Cavaliers pulled to within a point of the hallowed Heels and began their offensive set with but 30 seconds left on the clock, every hoop fan in the arena, in the league, heck, even every bacterium in the crusty press room bar-b-que knew that the Cavs' shot would come from bitty buzzer beater Todd Billet, the guy who had won two of the last three Virginia games by launching successful three point shots.

OK, maybe everyone didn't know. Evidently Roy Williams didn't know, and surely the Tarheel defenders didn't know, because Virginia set a very run of the mill screen and Billet knocked down the wide open shot as hall of famer Ray Felton meekly waved goodbye to his team's lead.

Not to worry. The tall, talented Tarheels still had a dozen seconds left to work with. Surely Williams, the bespectacled brainiac, would have a winning play up his sleeve!

And such a play he did have. In fact he had two of them: one of which was run by Felton, the other which was run by the rest of the crisp baby blue regiment, including the utterly confused Rashad McCants.