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ACC Roundup

Two good games in the ACC on Wednesday, with State
stealing a game in Atlanta
, and Wake having an intense comeback to beat Florida State in overtime. Props to both!

Conf. Overall
Duke 11-2 22-3
NC State 10-3 18-6
Wake Forest 8-5 18-6
Georgia Tech 6-7 19-8
North Carolina 6-7 16-8
Florida State 6-8 18-10
Maryland 5-8 14-10
Virginia 5-9 15-10
Clemson 3-11 10-15

We fully expected Tech to come out in a really bad mood, and
State has at times imploded on the road. But they played with a lot of
toughness, and when it came down to winning time, State hit the big shots - not
something they have done well in recent years. But they're getting it
now. It was a really tough performance, and we're really happy for our
State friends. We know it's been a long haul for you guys.

had an impressive win
also. After
some woofing last time from Tim Pickett,
Chris Paul did well, with 21
points, eight assists, and three steals, and presumably went to his right
reasonably well. The Deacs came back from nine down with 3:09 left before
winning in overtime. They're securely in third place now, too.

They whipped out a press they hadn't used in sometime to engineer the

By the way, this link was published after we visited the Post last night, so
here's one on UNC-UVa

The only ACC game scheduled for Thursday is Duke-Valpo, which is, more
accurately, an ACC team scheduled for Thursday, not an ACC game, since it won't
count in the standings.

In Charlottesville, where Virginia has recently shown signs of life, Pete
Gillen's fate hangs with Athletic Director Craig Littlepage.