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DBR Hits The Bigs!

We were really pleased to see this post on our board Wednesday:

According to Alexa's internet traffic ratings (a division of, DBR is now the 4th most popular college basketball site on the internet, behind only, and Peegs (the Indiana hoops site).

That is an amazing achievement. Alexa is not very reliable for sites that don't draw much traffic, but when you get up as high as DBR is in the rankings it appears to be more accurate.

However, James tells us that no matter what they do, they are undercounting

I looked at their definitions, and we would be undercounted; they count 1 page view for the same URL, and since a lot of our pages are generated from a few programs, someone who read, say, 250 BBS postings would produce 3 hits.

We monitor our traffic carefully, so we have a pretty good idea of where we
are. But we haven't thought much lately about where we stand vs. everyone
else. Our guess, though, is that the undercount, if corrected, would push
us past Peegs. But whatever. We're really happy that he's doing so
well. He's put a ton of work into his site, too, and he's a good guy, in
our experience.

What really amazed us was being mentioned in the same breath with sites like and Sportsline. That's deeply gratifying and immensely humbling
and a tremendous vote of confidence from you guys.

It fires us up and makes us think about where we can go from here. But
the main thing for us is our gratitude to everyone who reads (and supports) this
site. We'd probably be writing if only for a dozen people, and like all ACC
fans, we'd be talking about with whoever would listen, but it never occurred to
us that we'd have this level of success. We're just three guys having fun!

Anyway, thanks again. You guys are great!

P.S. - if anyone wants to know how we did it, we will happy to consult for a reasonable fee.