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ACC Roundup

Todd Billet is rapidly becoming a mini-Laettner, and no doubt
his social life is improving: the kid hit his third straight long-jumper
to win a key game, beating UNC. Now that's an amazing streak. Here's
one that's less amazing: despite beating UNC in Charlottesville about 4 straight
times, the kids are still rushing the court. C'mon! You whooped 'em. You do it
every year. It's neat, it's still nifty, and we know you need good news,
but still.

Wed NC State @ Ga.Tech 7:00 PM ESPN
Wed FSU @ Wake Forest 7:00 PM
Conf. Overall
Duke 11-2 22-3
NC State 9-3 17-6
Wake Forest 7-5 17-6
Georgia Tech 6-6 19-7
Florida State 6-7 18-9
North Carolina 6-7 16-8
Maryland 5-8 14-10
Virginia 5-9 15-10
Clemson 3-11 10-15
Boston College 18-8
Virginia Tech 11-12
Miami 13-15

All of a sudden, Virginia is a fairly respectable 15-10. They
have two pretty tough games left - Wake at home, and Maryland at Maryland.
But if they pulled those two off and won a conference tournament game, they'd
have an argument to go dancing.

Maryland also kept their hopes alive with
an impressive win over Clemson.
And it sounds like Chris
McCray and Gary Williams worked through the problems they had in Cameron.
Good. That was painful to watch.

We might be a bit off - we don't have everything at hand to
check - but we think this would be the current tournament setup:

UVa and Clemson would be in the Thursday game.

  • #1 Duke vs. 8/9 Winner
  • #2 NC State vs. #7 Maryland
  • #3 Wake Forest vs. #6 UNC (by benefit of the tiebreaker)
  • #4 Tech vs. #5 Florida State

State plays at Georgia Tech on Wednesday, and they are very likely to run
into - pardon the pun - a hornet's nest. Tech is likely to be furious
after the Wake loss, and looking to take it out on someone. State's

That would push them down to four losses, which would make it really tough to
catch Duke for first place - not least of all considering that they still have
to play at Wake, then UNC and Maryland at home. That's a tough
four-game stretch to close out with.

Duke ends with a game at FSU, then Tech and UNC at home - also not an easy
stretch. It's not a done deal that Duke will finish in first place, but even if
we weren't Duke fans, we'd like their odds better than State's.

In Wednesday's other game, FSU visits red-hot Wake Forest. Somehow this
is the only remaining game which is not listed as being televised.
Why? Should be good.