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ACC Roundup

Here's a story from the Washington Post
about Maryland's NCAA streak, and their efforts to keep it alive.
One is Clemson, who comes calling tonight.

It's a similar situation for UNC, though not as critical. They
go to C-ville tonight
, and should win. They're in fourth place in a
seriously tough conference. Unless they collapse, they're in.

Tue Clemson @ Maryland 8:00 PM RJ split
Tue UNC @ Virginia 8:00 PM RJ split
Conf. Overall
Duke 11-2 22-3
NC State 9-3 17-6
Wake Forest 7-5 17-6
Georgia Tech 6-6 19-7
North Carolina 6-6 16-7
Florida State 6-7 18-9
Maryland 4-8 13-10
Virginia 4-9 14-10
Clemson 3-10 10-14

Here's another article on who's
in and who's almost in.

Wake is certainly in, and an
unsung part of their success has been Taron Downey
. We love Wake's guards -
Chris Paul is just an assassin, and Justin Gray has a love of the clutch.
They're all damn good.

We've been critical of Rashad McCants, and also admired his surge as the
season has advanced. He deserves praise, without question. But in
light of recent boneheaded remarks in various areas, most notably the Chronicle,
told Ol' Roy Williams to call him "boy?"

Here's the quote:"(McCants) is probably the most discussed player I've
ever coached, but fellas, he's coming. He's gotten better and better and
better. It doesn't mean he hasn't given me a lot of these gray hairs, cause he's
responsible for a lot of them. But the boy's coming and getting better and
better and trying to do the things we want him to do."

Anywhere else on the UNC campus, using "boy" in that context, would
get someone censured.