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All-Freshman East Inquiry

Mike Rosenberg is a good friend of the site, and has asked for some help with one of his assignments:

Duke students and

I am working on a
research project for one of my current graduate classes that centers
on the recent realignment of residence hall space on Duke’s
campus. Since my class focuses on the “first-year experience”
– I am interested in the creation of the all-freshman East

For current Duke
students – I am interested in how you feel this setup works for
you, and how you feel “integrated” into the campus. I’m
also interested in hearing what kind of first-year programs you’ve
attended as a part of living on East.

For recent alums –
I’m interested in the campus reaction when East campus was made
all-freshmen. For those of you who were around when the students
first moved there – I’d like to know how the “culture”
of campus changed when the freshmen moved there.

For alums that
were…ahem…more than recent – what did you think
when you heard about this?

Any and all information
would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much. You can drop me an
email here
to give me your thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

-Mike Rosenberg (T’92)