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ACC Roundup

First: what an impressive performance by Wake Forest. If it's not clear
yet, it should be: these are no longer the somewhat timid Deacs of Dave Odom's
era. They come after you now. Skip Prosser has done an amazing job in a
short period of time, and keep in mind that he still hasn't really gotten his
recruits very far into his system. The future is incredibly bright for the

Conf. Overall
Duke 11-2 22-3
NC State 9-3 17-6
Wake Forest 7-5 17-6
Georgia Tech 6-6 19-7
North Carolina 6-6 16-7
Florida State 6-7 18-9
Maryland 4-8 13-10
Virginia 4-9 14-10
Clemson 3-10 10-14

It's not bad for Tech, either. Recruiting is up, fans are back, and the team
is fun to watch. They just weren't ready for this game. And in
fairness, Justin Gray and Chris Paul are a lethal, lethal duo.

Up in Raleigh, NC State tried hard to toss a PAC-10 foe a bone, and almost
made Herb Sendek's birthday miserable
, but managed
to pull out the game vs. Washington. For older fans, it must have been
weird to hear the names "Tom Roy" and "Bobby Jones" over and
over again, but it must have also been a pleasure to beat them as well.

The conference is now starting, finally, to shake out somewhat: 1-3 is fairly
solid, with Wake a game up on UNC and Georgia Tech. Maryland, Virginia,
and Clemson will duel to avoid the cellar. Six bids are currently likely,
seven if Maryland can get a grip.