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ACC Roundup

You know, relatively speaking, Virginia's mild hot streak -
they pulled out miracle finishes against both Tech and Clemson - aren't that big
of a deal, but don't tell Pete Gillen that. Or Todd Billett, either, who
has become quite the hero. If you missed it, he nailed another shot in the
waning seconds of the game to pull off the win for Virginia. It wasn't a
beautiful game, but it was a beautiful ending, and it was much-loved in
Charlottesville, we're sure.

Duke 10-2 21-3
NC State 9-3 16-6
Georgia Tech 6-5 19-6
Wake Forest 6-5 16-6
North Carolina 6-6 16-7
Florida State 6-7 18-9
Maryland 4-7 13-9
Virginia 4-9 14-10
Clemson 3-10 10-14

At 4-9, with a road-vulnerable UNC on the way, and a tough
home game with Wake Forest, then closing at Maryland, we could see them winning
two out of three of those. If the stars lined up just right, who
knows? They could run the table, then go into the tournament on a hot
streak. Probably not, but you never know.

Saturday's other game, UNC played out a scenario similar to their first meeting
with FSU, losing a big lead, but this time hanging
on to win
. Rashad McCants is emerging
as the guy who makes the key play for them.
Sometimes it's a good play,
sometimes it's a bad play, but the game comes to him at the end somehow.
Ol' Roy says he
almost fainted
, but it's no big deal.

The Wolfpack steps
out of conference to face Washington Sunday
. With our East
Coast bias, no one really knows what to expect out of the Huskies. The
PAC-10 is really weak this year, though, so you'd hope that State could manage.

Sunday's other game, Wake Forest travels to Tech with third place squarely on
the line. UNC, by the way, has moved to just one game out of third
place. The Tech-Wake game could be amazing if both teams hit anywhere near
their potential.