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Crazies Challenged, Twice

A couple of points in anticipation of Sunday's tiff with the Terps: first of
all, John
Feinstein took a significant swipe at the Cameron Crazies, s
aying that
"[n]ow, the situation has become dangerous, though not desperate. Sunday
probably isn't a good time to play Duke since the Blue Devils have dropped two
straight on the road in the last week. There is one piece of good news for the
Terrapins: When they go into Cameron Indoor Stadium, they will be playing in
front of the one crowd in the ACC that has been more spoiled by winning than the
Maryland crowd
(Emphasis ours)."

He's right in one sense, but this is a good chance to get rid of that idea in
general. Everyone talks to (or about) the Crazies, but the Crazies make
the logical point in return: what about upstairs? Fair point!

We'd like to suggest that the Crazies turn to the upstairs often on Sunday
and urge them to join in. Feel free to point fingers and poke fun if
necessary! Get off your butts! Get off your butts! Get off your butts!

Secondly, a number of you have either written or posted comments on our board
about the very large sign Wake students hoisted at that game to taunt Shelden
Williams about the darkest chapter in his life, when he was investigated, along
with teammates, for a possible rape. The sign said "No means
no," or something with the same sentiment.

We'd like to make a point which we don't think anyone has made about Shelden,
but which, it seems to us, is entirely fair and reasonable: no one
questioned his character before that sad situation, and during his time at Duke,
he has done nothing, on or off the court, to further any suspicions about his
character. In fact, he has been, as far as we can tell, entirely admirable
and has comported himself with great decency.

We say this because we think the continuing attacks around the ACC are
grossly unfair. But he's not the only person to suffer from such slings
and arrows. Maryland's DJ Strawberry has a name he can't run from.
His father was one of the great wasted talents in baseball history. Darryl Sr.
was just immensely gifted, and immensely destructive. Like Shelden
Williams, young Strawberry has been the recipient of some terribly cruel taunts.

The difference, of course, is that Shelden put himself in a situation which
damaged his reputation. Strawberry's only sin was being born his father's

We hope that everyone in Cameron Sunday remembers that, and remembers what
Shelden Williams has gone through during his two seasons in the ACC. Taunting
Strawberry leaves you no moral room to defend Shelden Williams. Indeed, it means
you agree that guilt by association (or insinuation) is an acceptable
standard. It would demean your University, your family, and
yourself. There's no need for that level of cruelty in Cameron. No
one has to hug Strawberry or anything - you can make fun of him all you want -
but make fun of him, not for being his father's son. That kid has
had a lot of anguish in his life because his father is a bonehead, and it's in
no way his fault. Piling on is basically inhumane, and we hope that
everyone will be cognizant of Strawberry's right to his humanity - as well as
their own. To borrow an ironic phrase from Nancy Reagan, just say no.