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ACC Roundup

Duke 7-0 18-1
NC State 5-2 12-5
Georgia Tech 4-3 16-4
Wake Forest 4-3 13-4
Florida State 3-4 15-6
North Carolina 3-4 13-5
Maryland 2-5 11-7
Virginia 2-5 12-6
Clemson 2-6 9-10
Boston College 13-7
Miami 13-8
Virginia Tech 8-10

Well would you look at that - Tech, UNC, Wake and Maryland have all stepped
aside, and look who's # 2: the Pack. That's pretty cool, and if they can
maintain it - and we think they just might - maybe Herb Sendek will finally get
some love from Pack fans.

State really took it to Maryland today, winning at Comcast - something they
haven't done since shortly after the Reagan era ended. The final score was
81-69, and State was fairly dominant at times.

For the Terps, they have now fallen to 11-7 and 2-5, and have to be on the
bubble or close to it, anyway. They have quality wins over Wisconsin,
Florida, and UNC, but the latter two may be worth less come bid time.

Actually, you can now see that six schools have strong arguments for bids -
and Maryland has one too - but do you think they'll take seven ACC
schools? Hard to see it.

Duke's pretty obviously in, State will make it if they maintain a decent ACC
record, and Wake, Tech, Florida State and UNC all have strong arguments.
Maryland's worthy, but they'll have to draw the line somewhere, and they usually
make it hard for teams with losing records in the ACC to get in. At 2-5,
they have an uphill battle now. UNC and FSU are both at 3-4, and that's
not nearly as daunting.

For UNC, they could solve a lot of problems on Thursday: team spirit,
tournament prospects, fan discontent - in general, whipping Duke would be a
great thing for them about now.

If things go like they did this weekend, it won't be easy. The Heels
have to match Duke inside and out, and defensively, and while they could do it,
certainly, they can't do it the way they've played recently. Given the nature of
the rivalry, though, they'll play out of their minds. Count on it.