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ACC Roundup

What do you call it when you beat the #1 team then turn around
and lose to the last place team? Inconsistent. State fans have other words for it.

Duke 10-2 21-3
NC State 9-3 16-6
Wake Forest 6-5 16-6
Georgia Tech 5-5 18-6
Florida State 6-6 18-8
North Carolina 5-6 15-7
Maryland 4-6 13-8
Virginia 3-9 13-10
Clemson 3-9 10-13
Boston College 17-8
Miami 13-13
Virginia Tech 10-12

Yet that's just what State did, blowing a golden opportunity
to grab a share of first place in the ACC, 60-55. Letdown? Who
knows. It's just part of the pattern of frustration at State that sets State
fans off from time to time. Relax, Pack Fans: you're still in second place, and
you're still tourney bound. Life is good!

Tomorrow night's sole ACC game is a goodie: Georgia Tech visits Maryland. Maryland
absolutely cannot afford another loss. 13-9 and 4-7 is definitely bubble
territory, and then they'd have to play their way in, via the tournament, and
they've convinced themselves that they can't do that. So for Maryland, the
regular season is even more important than it is for others.

And on Saturday, grudge rematch: UNC and Florida
State. The Heels gave up a huge second lead to FSU the first time around,
so they'll be pretty mad. Should be fun!

We'll have more links later.