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NBA Team Improvements

Here are the all-star break records of the teams from last year to this
year on which Duke alums are prominent:

TEAM 02-03 03-04 Win Difference
Memphis Grizzlies 13-35 30-22 +17
Cleveland Cavaliers 10-40 20-33 +10
Los Angeles Clippers 17-32 22-29 +5
Golden State Warriors 21-27 23-28 +2
Washington Wizards 24-25 16-34 -8

While there are clearly other factors involved in some of these turnarounds
(Michael Jordan's retirement, some kid named LeBron in Cleveland...) -- one
could make an argument that Duke players, rather than being the "bust" that
the urban myth suggests, are generally very positive influences on their
respective teams.

Shane Battier is Hubie Brown's "everything guy" even if he doesn't put up
the flashiest of numbers. LeBron James wants Carlos Boozer has his power
forward "until he retires." Elton and Corey are a formidable tandem in
Clipperland. And Mike Dunleavy's year has had more ups than downs. Even
Christian Laettner put up solid numbers for most of the year -- his
suspension really derailed his season.

And just for fun:

TEAM 02-03 03-04 Win Difference
Toronto Raptors 14-34 25-26 +11
Los Angeles Lakers 24-23 31-19 +7
New Orleans Hornets 26-24 28-24 +2
Dallas Mavericks 38-10 33-19 -5
Portland Jailblazers* 32-16 24-27 -8
Washington Wizards 24-25 16-34 -8
Orlando Magic 24-26 13-41 -11

* included, since they were there before the trades...