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ACC Roundup

After Virginia's wonderful upset of Tech on Saturday, the students seemed as
if they weren't sure how to storm the floor - or maybe they thought that doing
so would give Pete Gllen some credit. But they got it together and stromed
the court after al was said and done, and good for them. It's been a while
for UVa. That was one of the most compelling endings we've seen this year.

Conf. Overall
Duke 10-0 21-1
NC State 8-2 15-5
Georgia Tech 5-5 18-6
Wake Forest 5-5 14-6
Maryland 4-5 13-7
Florida State 5-6 17-8
North Carolina 4-6 14-7
Virginia 3-8 13-9
Clemson 2-9 9-13

Florida State beat Clemson to preserve, at least temporarily, a slight lead
over UNC. UNC can tie the 'Noles with a win over Maryland Sunday.
That's a huge game with big implications.

Wake Forest also takes on Cincinnati. After the last game, when Trent
Strickland was left home, Strickland has apologized to his teammates for, by his
own admission, being a bit of a jerk. They'll proably need him against he
Bearcats, who, as usual, are highly athletic.