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Next Up - The Wolfpack

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Sunday is the Duke-State rematch, perhaps the most anticipated Duke-State
game since the 1960s. Hype? Maybe. There were no great ones in the 70s
that we can recall, and in the 80s, there were some good ones, but Duke's big
matchups came with UNC and Georgia Tech. State tanked in the '90s, so
nothing there. This one's a bit different.

State is really still smarting after the big whooping they got in Cameron,
and they are spoiling for a fight. Scooter Sherrill took some deserved
heat for his comments suggesting (first) that JJ Redick was "gay,"
then modifying them to say it was "like he was gay." What's
overlooked about this though is how absolutely relaxed the guy was when he said
it. And we're not talking about the merits of his comments; we're talking
about how he felt about Duke. Clearly the guy wasn't uptight. If that
reflects his team, then they're loose and ready. And that's what we
expect, honestly.

State is a really, really fun team to watch, and since the return of Evtimov,
and the addition of Engin Atsur, they're radically more fun to
watch. It's a pretty cerebral group, with the possible exception of young
Scooter, and they're running the offense very effectively. Don't be
shocked if the Pack wins. They're certainly capable, and definitely

In case you missed it the first time, here's
Carlos's preview of Duke-State I.
. We couldn't possibly do better, and
we're not even going to try.