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What We Were Trying To Say...

We got some criticism after writing about missing the old days
in the ACC, when there was visceral dislike in the coaching fraternity. We
probably didn't do a good enough job explaining ourselves, and we'll probably
screw up if we try, but here goes.

We don't think it's a great idea to have anger and rage become
the dominant forces in the conference. That happened with South Carolina, and
one result was a player slugging Lefty Driesell but good, and anger which
lingers to this day. But we miss the tension and the anticipation that
came from those rivalries, and the fact that a guy like Norm Sloan didn't hide
his feelings about Dean Smith. And Lefty's tirades about "ah can
coach," and strapping the ACC trophy onto the hood of his car and driving
around the state of North Carolina were hilarious.

So to be clear, we're not pulling for real nastiness.
But we miss the rawness of those days, and the passion, and the visceral
feelings that Saturdays could produce. It was an amazing time. But
then again, so is today, so we should just be happy for what's going on now.
Besides, Duke sucked back then, so Memory Lane isn't all it's cracked up to be.