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Scooter Makes The Bulletin Board For The Big Game

Scooter Sherrill has
injected an unfortunate element into the Duke-State game this weekend.
commenting on why JJ Redick is disliked, he said Redick is cocky and that "[y]ou
see him hit a 3, and he's running down the court hollering. He's got his hand up
like he's gay or something."

Oops. State's Annabelle Vaughan suggested ignoring the comment, but that
didn't happen, and after he realized he screwed up, Sherrill said "No --
put it out, put it out. I didn't say he was gay. I said 'like he's gay.' You
know, you've seen him when he's like that [making the follow-through motion]. I
hope I can get in his head some. That's what I'm trying to do."

Oh. Well, that makes it better then, Scooter.

There has already been a bit of foot-in-mouth disease this week, so maybe we
should all just look around and remember we're all God's children and chill out
a bit. Maybe Horvath and Randolph could get Scooter one of those cool
T-shirts they were sporting a while back which said "Gay? Okay by me."

The funny part is that while Redick is clearly becoming a lightning rod,
perhaps the best at Duke since Laettner, with the possible exception of Dahntay
Jones, he just seems to enjoy it.