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Rumors of a Boycott

Several rumors of a possible undergraduate boycott of the Virginia game were posted on our BBS yesterday, with some comments today that there was a boycott, and the grad students stepped up to fill the student section. We don't know the truth behind the story, but if it is true, we're both disappointed, and pleased. The two of us who attended Duke as undergraduates cherish our memories of our times at Duke basketball games, and we have difficulty understanding why anyone would willfully skip an opportunity to see such an awesome team play. Our pleasure comes in the knowledge that if the undergraduates did boycott, the graduates made sure the stadium was filled. It was a great crowd last night, and these Blue Devils should play in front of that kind of crowd every home game. If there was a boycott, then those who did boycott should just stay away, and let those who did make the effort to turn up and yell enjoy the greatest show in college basketball.