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Knightmare Continues

It's kind of sad to see the atmosphere which prevailed at Indiana show up at
Texas Tech. Bob
Knight seems close to the edge again.
With little left to accomplish in
basketball, except to pass Dean Smith in win totals (he is now only 53 games
back, which amounts to less than three seasons), there is some speculation in
this article that he might leave Texas Tech and return to the Big Ten.
Unfortunately, despite his remarkable gifts, it's clear at this point in his
life that Bob Knight is neither going to be able to make the world work the way
he thinks it should, nor will he be able to come to terms with his anger.
It's a shame, because he's not just a gifted basketball mind, he's also a man of
immense intelligence and interests, and - when he wants to be - immensely
charming and wonderful to listen to.

It's beyond us what drives him. At this point, you just hope that
eventually, he can find some level of peace and a quiet center.