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Weirdness At USC

The saga of Lodrick and Rodrick Stewart continue (you may remember they were briefly
hailed as twin Vince Carters coming out of high school), as Lodrick is now joining Rodrick
and leaving Henry Bibby's USC. Lodrick apparently was furious after a loss to
LaSalle, and shot out of the locker room early, already on his cell phone.

No word where either or both twins are heading yet, although Rodrick likes Kansas and

Wait: their
dad says Lodrick is staying
, but they aren't very happy about anything.

Bibby, who has a well-known penchant for recruiting players with hundreds of
hand-written letters, has
other problems.
Forward Jeff McMillan is out for 4-6 weeks with a broken hand,
and after replacing Errick Craven in the lineup with Nick Young, and saying Craven was
sick, Bibby refused to allow Craven to speak to the media.

Rank speculation, but one wonders if things aren't about to get really bad there.