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ACC Roundup

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Here's a late-night treat on Saturday:
Tech plays Gonzaga at 12:30 a.m.
Nice way to spend a late night!

School Conference Overall
NC State 0-0 8-0
Duke 0-0 7-0
Georgia Tech 0-0 7-0
Wake Forest 0-0 8-1
North Carolina 0-0 7-1
Virginia 0-0 7-1
Clemson 0-0 6-1
Maryland 0-0 5-2
Miami 0-0 5-2
Virginia Tech 0-0 5-2
Florida State 0-0 4-4

Wake is definitely having some
, but Skip Prosser says, well,
a season is a lifetime.
Nice reference, Skip!

We're glad we were wrong about the FSU-South Alabama game.
FSU won with ease
. That hasn't happened much lately.

State visits Washington this weekend, and the
local media is eagerly anticipating Julius Hodge
, who always shoots from the
lip. Should
be a really interesting matchup.

UNC should be the heavy favorite against Virginia Tech, but when Frankie
Beamer warns Roy Williams that
emotions are running high for Tech's first ACC game ever,
well, you better
listen. Speaking of UNC, here's
a breakdown of their secondary break.