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Former State Target Chooses Arizona

You may remember that Herb Sendek told J.P. Prince he wouldn't recruit him
anymore after Prince supposedly demanded a minimum of 20 minutes per game.
He's now
chosen Arizona
, but no word on whether he got a playing guarantee. It's hard to imagine Lute Olson giving up that kind of control, though. And in
case you didn't know it, J.P. is Tayshaun Prince's cousin.

He's also almost certainly Arizona's first recruit from Memphis. He'll
have some major adjustments to make, going from a very humid, hot place to an
amazingly dry hot place (don't buy the "but it's a dry heat" crap - 115 is
hot. Your sweat evaporates before you even know you perspired). There are
a lot of things to deal with, not least of all Valley Fever, which everyone who
grows up there is accustomed to, but which can whack a newcomer pretty hard.