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Abby Waner & Keturah Jackson Visit Duke

Seniors and future Blue Devils Abby Waner and Keturah Jackson were both
on campus this weekend. Naturally, Abby's sister Emily
hosted her and everyone was seen at the big Duke-UNC soccer game. In the
Now It Can Be Told Dep't: Keturah Jackson, who had given Duke a verbal
earlier this summer, was still being recruited heavily by Sylvia
Hatchell and UNC. Hatchell has pretty much ruled the state of South
Carolina the past few years and didn't want the talented forward to slip
out of her grasp. Keturah decided to take an official visit there
recently, but her official visit to Duke cemented her initial commitment.
Every member of Duke's future class of 2009 had an excellent Nike camp;
more on that later.