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More On The Press Conference

We're glad to see Hermann Wendorff's reaction to Tuesday's press conference was somewhat similar to our own: huh? What
the heck was that about?

Ol' Roy Williams developed a reputation at Kansas as being thin-skinned, and it appears to have carried over to
Chapel Hill as well. This raises a couple of important points: first, UNC has always been thin-skinned about
such stuff, so it's just going to get worse. Goody! And second, when stuff like this happens, or worse things
happen, the media, having been treated disdainfully, will turn on their tormenters.

Don't misunderstand, we're not ripping the media. We're sympathetic, actually. It's not easy to build a relationship
with a hostile party, and we caught on to that with Roy Williams back in Lawrence: he is not a big pal of the
media - one is tempted to say he doesn't give a shit about it (hey, if he can say it on national TV, we can say
it), and he absolutely despises the Internet.

Our point, though, is simple: the media does have power, and Ol' Roy's disdain of the media matches Rashad McCants'
disdain for, well, the various thing he seems to disdain. All in all, that makes the press conference kind of
bizarre, not to mention pointless.

There's a lot to be said for charming the media. We saw guys literally patting Chris Carrawell on the back
after a string of great quotes, and everyone saw Jim Valvano and Bobby Cremins play the media like a fiddle.

Anyway, we hope at some point Ol' Roy changes his outlook, but we're not holding our breath.