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Tell Us - Top Ten Reasons Why It Was Lame In The DeanDome

We realize that things have changed in Chapel Hill, and that Roy Williams cannot and should not try and do everything
exactly as Dean Smith would have done. Nonetheless, we have to imagine that even Dean cringed a bit at some of
the silliness on display at Midnight Madness.

We understand that part of the idea is that it shouldbe silly, and that it's a break from the norm. Sort of
Carnival before Lent, if you will, though basketball is obviously more fun than Lent.

It's not a question of taste. It's not in bad taste. But why does it have to be so stupid?

Seeing Jackie Manuel moonwalk, that's cool. Rashad McCants can dance better than he defends, fine. But the whole
thing of putting the guys in dresses every year, the obvious and unsubtle skits, and most of all the lame Top 10 List.

#6 - "We just got word that Julius Hodge got something to eat. Guess he's not hungry for more." That's just not even close to funny. Not even the same area code as funny.

#5 - "Hey, Maryland. Our Coach Williams is better than yours." Gary's crack that he's the Williams who has won a
national title - now that's funny. This is just lame.

#4 - David Noel interrupts, dressed as a female: "They ain't got girls like me cheering them on." Whatever.

#3 - "Everyone's talking about the Demon Deacons. We're the ones who are going to be giving assignments." What a disjointed attempt that is.

#2 - "Coach K's going to wish he'd taken that Lakers job. By the way, they asked Coach Williams first." And at last, the traditional fear of 15-501 inferiority.

Ok, now this can't be. Why don't you guys send us the Top Ten you wish they had really used? Just use the General Comments header and put "/Top Ten" after the
suggested header.