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ACC Roundup Returns!

Here is an update on
what's happening at Virginia on the eve of the season.

In the time-honored tradition of sports,
UVa vows to shut up their critics.

Meanwhile, in Chapel Hill, there are still some questions to resolve, but there is no question
that things are looking up for the Tar Heels. Needless to

say, UNC has come a long way
in the last three years.
Frank Dascenzo argues that

McCants is on the verge of something big, and various Heels say they are ready

to stop acting like, well, heels, and get along In the Dascenzo article, check out

Rashad's new tattoos. Here's an idea: don't worry about it, just freakin' play, dude.

Honestly, McCants, for a guy who says he doesn't care what people think about him,

sure spends a lot of time dwelling on what people think about him.
Here's more on
expectations in Chapel Hill.

In Winston-Salem,
excitement is at a record high as the Deacs get ready for

what could be their greatest season ever.
In Blacksburg, Seth Greenberg is
trying to explain what's about to hit his team when they start ACC


In Atlanta, there is an awareness
that things have changed, but do they

realize just how much yet?

You have to learn how to listen to Gary Williams when he speaks publicly, because

he can't talk the way he usually does, but it's pretty clear that
he's not too happy about being picked sixth in the ACC. By the way, how long will it be until he refers to himself as "the Williams who has won a national and ACC title?"