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ACC Roundup

Marcus Melvin was feted by the State crowd during the BYU game
for scoring his 1,000th point.
He's a funky player and unconventional,
so we like him. Congrats!

Up in Winston-Salem, Wake
Forest is getting vastly improved play from the very athletic Trent Strickland,

who has really busted his butt to get better.

Virginia is relying heavily on Derrick Byars this season, but he is battling
through injuries and a slump and so hasn't
played to his expectations.
Devin Smith is having trouble, too,
with a herniated disk.
Anyone who has ever had back pain at all has to
stand in awe of the guy for playing. That's beyond gutty.

We missed this the other day, but Tech's Theodis
Tarver is likely to be back for the UNC game.

And down in Tallahassee, Diego Romero is still ineligible, but FSU
is doing their best to get him in.