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Duhon Rising

It seems to us that after enduring a lot of criticism, some probably fair,
some not, it's time
for all of us to admit that Chris Duhon is having a sensational year.

We kind of thought he might, because it's a bit of a Duke tradition for guys to
go out with a big year. Think about guys like Alaa Abdelnaby and Kevin
Strickland, guys who also endured some criticism before really showing what they
could do.

In Duhon's case, he has shown it at times, but he has never played at this
level for this long. There can't be many point guards playing better right

When you add in Sean Dockery's very intense defense, Duke is getting superb
play at the point all the way around. You certainly can't say they're
unbeatable, since they've been beaten, but you can say that they are getting
better fast, and could get a whole lot better before it's all over. And
the improvement, to a large extent, is being driven by an unselfish,
self-effacing point guard who has been through the wars. All in all, it's
good news for Duke.