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Women Are #1 and Other Miscellany

After knocking off UConn, Duke rose to #1 in the AP poll, #2 in the coach's poll. While I'm not
sure Duke deserves to be #1 ahead of Texas (who beat Duke, Tennessee and
other great teams) or Texas Tech (who won at Stanford and is undefeated),
I'll take it. Hopefully the team can use this as a weapon.

There are still plenty of comments about the big win at UConn. Coach G discussed it at her teleconference and what it
means to the program, along with Beard breaking Duke's scoring record.
Here's an article on Duke winning another revenge game. Geno
Auriemma comments on some trash talk from a Tennessee friend of his and prepares to move on. Here's a
column from Alana's hometown paper.

Oh, Beard was named ACC Player of the week for the fifteenth time.

Vicki Krapohl weighs in with her newest diary entry. This is an LA special, as she describes the
antics of Alana Beard and meeting Gary Coleman.