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ACC Roundup

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Wake Forest 1-0 9-0
Duke 1-0 10-1
Florida State 1-0 12-2
NC State 1-0 7-2
Georgia Tech 0-0 12-1
Virginia 0-1 9-2
North Carolina 0-1 8-2
Maryland 0-1 8-3
Clemson 0-1 7-5
Boston College 10-2
Miami 10-3
Virginia Tech 7-4

Time to jump on UNC! No, not us, the media in general. Neil Amato gets
about as pointed as he has gotten with this column.
And in the
Ashevill paper, Rashad
McCants dad pops off a bit
, saying "I don't understand it. With the kind of numbers Rashad can put up, why is he
sitting. If there is a problem between him and the coach, if there is a grudge between them, let's get it resolved and let's resume playing basketball. This was ridiculous and there's no sense for it."

Pops, he's not sitting because he can score. It's his attitude and the
rest of his game that need some work.

In Winston,
Skip Prosser is concerned about his team's rebounding.
They are a good
bit smaller this year, but we fully expect this team to beat some heads in on
the boards this year. Of course, another
major reason for their success is Chris Paul,
who reportedly wanted to go to
UNC but wasn't offered. Ooops.