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Sally Gets It, But Leaves A Slimy Trail

Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post, who has said some amazingly dumb things
about Maryland behavior previously,
seems to have gotten religion.
But here are some of her previous
comments, and a few others as well, to underscore our contention that Maryland, and the local media,
is not and has not taken the problem seriously. Please note the third-to-last item, which is (we hope) about as close to an endorsement of fascism as you will ever see in the Washington Post.

  • "We ought to grow up and not be so oversensitive about [the band
    playing Rock and Roll, Part II]. The band might not play it, but the
    students might sing it...I just think this is being made into something
    because this is Duke and Duke complains. This is being made into something
    more than it is....a couple of people went overboard. It won't happen again.
    We're doing everything we can not to let it happen again." Gary
    Williams, after violence in College Park.
  • "I'm tired of all the crap about our fans. They're great fans. This
    is overkill, what's going on right now. Everybody should shut up. They're
    good fans." Gary Williams
  • My door is always open to students. Someone's got to take up for
    undergraduate behavior around here, and seeing as how I'm a champion of it
    myself, I guess the task falls to me. Sally Jenkins
  • The first point that needs to be made on behalf of the Terps' student body
    is, they threw water bottles at Duke, not Molotov cocktails, okay? Sally
  • The Terps students have refused past entreaties to give up their
    hooliganism -- because they have suffered their share of abuse at the hands
    of other student bodies and understand its value. Sally Jenkins
  • "It was a riot mentality," said the Theta Chi frat house
    philosopher known as "Lord Of," who spoke on condition of
    anonymity. "When we beat Duke, we riot, and when we lose to Duke, we
    riot. The police should accept it." From The Washington Post, after
    the Final Four.
  • Here's a really [funny thought]: Anyone from Duke complaining about
    student behavior. Sally Jenkins