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ACC Roundup

You can probably start looking at the ACC standings, and draw a bright line
under, oh, FSU, and figure that's just about the cutoff point for an NCAA bid.

Clemson is done. Their only challenge now is to have a winning year, which
won't be easy. Virginia's soft schedule probably damns them as well unless
they get hot in the conference, which seems unlikely. Maryland is sitting
at 2-4 in the conference, but with wins over #1 Florida and also a highly rated
UNC, they have an argument.

As of today, Duke, Tech, and UNC would be in with no problem. State woul be
too, though their schedule won't help. Still, they're in a tie for second,
and if they stay that high, there is no way they miss. Wake has to win a
few more to be positive they're in, but if they're not, they sure aren't far

With wins over UNC and Wake, and solid games against Duke and Pitt, FSU
should be in as well. UNC and Wake should both win today, which would keep
their tie for third place and move them up to 4-3. The key game thsi
weekend is likely Maryland-State: if Maryland loses, they're in bubble trouble
at 2-5. At 3-4, they would be mvoing up again and could play their way

Could the ACC get seven? Wow.

This is sure to drive a lot of people nuts in Chapel Hill, but Dick
Baddour has been given an extension.

There's also been a lot of unhappiness around the recent performances by the
men's basketball team, and it
took a walk-on
to really frame it. UNC has lost big leads in big games
and struggled on the road as well.

Wake hopes to build on their big Maryland win with
Virginia in town.