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More on the Terps

An article in The Washington Post also talks about the profanity of the Maryland fans. The Diamondback also has commentary.

We also received mail from a reader, John Scott, who reminds us that it isn't just a problem with Maryland (though they are currently the most visible.)

I am an older Duke grad ('70). My no. 2 child is a 14 year-old son who loves Duke Basketball and other sports. We attended a Duke - Michigan game in Ann Arbor two winters ago and saw t-shirts saying f*ck duke - the t-shirts had the asterisk, but the intent was clear. Also when he was 12, I took him and two buddies to a Washington Capitals game where a local rock station, obviously with Caps approval, passed out placards cheering the Caps on one side and saying "Puck Fittsburgh" on the other. We also went to the Duke - Kentucky game at Continental arena two winters ago where some Duke fans behind us repeatedly used the "f" word (primarily during the stint where Coach K kept the starters out to get them focused). My son shrugs it off, and he and I have a good understanding regarding profanity and appropriate behavior in general. Nonetheless, I think it is worth some discussion as I believe it is unfortunate that, in general, it seems that exhibiting restraint and behaving properly in public is less observed than in the past. More frequently in the stands at pro, college, and even high school games, I hear and witness obscene language, gestures, and t-shirts. So what do you think? How do the Crazies behave?

There's also some lively discussion on our BBS about this.