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ACC Roundup

continues to struggle
with the student body in Comcast Arena, as they seem
determined to offend. The liberal use of "the F word" has caused
some sore feeelings among alums and parents. Yet the University appears
spineless. Want to solve this problem? Here's an easy way, and it
doesn't violate anyone's freedom of speech or anything like that.

Have Gary Williams stand up before a game and announce that if those T-Shirts
did show up, his team wouldn't take the court. If the chants start, his
team leaves the court. Problem solved.

Duke 6-0 17-1
NC State 4-2 11-5
Georgia Tech 4-2 16-3
Wake Forest 3-3 12-4
North Carolina 3-3 13-4
Florida State 3-4 14-6
Maryland 2-4 11-6
Virginia 2-4 12-5
Clemson 1-6 8-10
Boston College 13-6
Miami 13-7
Virginia Tech 8-9

Problem is, Gary won't do it - certainly not for the Duke game.

Which is too bad, because that would finish it all. But Gary - who describes
the action surrounding Mrs. Boozer's injury a few years ago as overblown, will
almost certainly do the bare minimum.

In the only other ACC game Thursday, Wake came back to take Maryland, 93-85.