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Maryland Gets It

Maryland has finally accepted that
fan behavior is a problem
and they are making some attempts to deal with
it. With the state attorney general, to be specific. Free speech
rules apply to the F___ whoever chant and T-shirts, so they are somewhat
challenged in their response.

Amazingly, now Gary Williams, who you could argue sets the example many
students follow (fans at a State-Maryland game a year or two ago wrote us and
said that he ran off the floor after the game chanting "f___you! That's
five straight! F___ you!" Charming, if true, and we heard it from
more than one person).

Let's be clear: we don't care that he curses. We curse. Coach K
curses. Roy William curses on national TV, and Matt Doherty swore like a
sailor. But what Gary does not do is to attempt to discipline his
crowd. A few years ago when someoene was using a laser pointer, Coach K
threatened to forfeit the game immediately. End of problem.

It's nice that he has seen the light, but he could certainly set a higher
standard with his own behavior. However, it is a start, and we're glad to
see it.