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ACC Roundup

Just as we thought, the State-UNC game was
a lot of fun to watch.
It featured everything - fun offense, good
the traditional Sendek offensive hiccup - from the 13:33 mark, when
Levi Watkins hit a three, State didn't hit another basket until the 6:51
mark. It's one of the geat mysteries of the ACC how this keeps happening.
We can only think to blame coaching, because both personnel and offenses have

Duke 5-0 16-1
NC State 4-2 11-5
Georgia Tech 4-2 16-3
Florida State 3-3 14-5
North Carolina 3-3 13-4
Wake Forest 2-3 11-4
Maryland 2-3 11-5
Virginia 2-4 12-5
Clemson 1-6 8-10
Boston College 13-6
Miami 13-7
Virginia Tech 8-9

And yet State was still in it. Amazingly, they came back and almost got
it, but UNC prevailed.

For UNC, they may have found a go-to guy in Rashad McCants. Previously the
butt of jokes (including us) and speculation, the
guy came through for the Heels.

With State falling into a tie with Tech for second place, UNC is tied for 3rd place. Not a bad recovery, when you think about it.

And as Duke fans, we'd like to thank UNC for, yet again, helping out: last
week, they cleared the decks for Duke to go to #1 by beating UConn. This time,
by beating State, UNC gives Duke a big advantage in the regular season

Oh, and before we forget it: did you see that steal and dunk by Jackie Manuel? That has to be one of the great plays of this season.