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Capel's Rising Star

When the annual coaching bloodbath begins after the regular season, one name
may start turning up on a lot of lists: Jeff Capel of VCU. Winning at VCU
is not the easiest thing in the world, frankly. It's a commuter school in
an ugly part of Richmond with limited appeal. Getting big-time players
there is almost impossible, which is why they have over the years so assiduously
recruited JUCOs and Europeans.

In spite of the challenges, Capel
is doing a tremendous job.
If he finishes the season strong, he's
built a good reputation, and may well get a call from someplace fairly
prominent. A fun speculation? Georgetown. Why not? It's not
like Craig Escherick is setting the world on fire. Jeff's young and a
rising star, and he could probably do a huge job at Georgetown.